Contribution – Global Custodian – The Chief of Everything


Contribution – Global Custodian – The Chief of Everything

By Daniel Nikci

The traditional COO and CFO roles at alternative investment managers no longer exist as they are now required to be technological, compliance and investor relations experts. How prepared are these firms with the changing nature of their roles, and how are they turning to their service providers to meet these modern-day challenges?
By Joe Parsons August 13, 2019 10:01 AM GMT

Daniel Nikci, founder and principal of Applied Fund Solutions – an outsourced CFO and middle- and back-office solutions provider to alternative investment managers – believes COOs must be proactive in understanding the technology on offer in order to take on these responsibilities and move on from Excel. 
“The options are out there, and the responsible COO has to take the initiative. They have got to move internally from Excel and lower contributing areas, and into more advanced platforms where they are more analytical,” says Nikci.